Data Protection Statement

Information on the collection, processing and use of your personal data.

Your confidence in the correct and responsible handling of your data is absolutely essential for the success of our online offerings. Data protection is therefore of great importance to us. The collection, processing (this includes saving, changing, transmitting, blocking and deleting) and use of your personal data will only occur in accordance with the currently applicable data protection regulations and provisions.

We would like to briefly introduce our principles on the collection, processing and use of your personal data.

§ 1 Personal Data

Personal data refers to specific details about personal or factual characteristics relating to a specific or specifiable natural person, for example, a person’s name and address as well as site usage details such as the domain name and IP address. Such data may be requested when you participate in a survey or a prize draw, or when you subscribe to a newsletter (see § 2 below) and/or by visiting our website (see §§. 3 and 4).

§ 2 The collection, processing and use of personal data

In general, no personal data is collected, processes and/or saved when you visit the Catrice website. If you are asked to provide your name, e-mail address or any other personal information for special offers (e.g., when participating in a survey or a prize draw as well as when subscribing to a newsletter), we will inform you about the collection, processing and use of such data accordingly and request your prior consent. Insofar as personal data is collected, processed and used, cosnova will adhere to the German data protection regulations. Personal data will not be disclosed to third parties without the consent of the person concerned unless we are required to do so by law on the basis of a court order or an official decree.

The following are examples of cases in which we may need to collect, process and use your personal data:

Prize Draws: Should you decide to participate in one of our prize draws, we will ask you to provide (1) your name as well as (2) your date of birth, (3) your e-mail address, (4) your telephone number and/or (5) your postal address. We do this so that we are able to inform you in case you win the contest and also in order to ensure that each participant only enters the prize draw once. Attempts to manipulate prize draws by entering or voting multiple times may lead to elimination from the contest or blocking of the IP address to prevent access to the Catrice website.

Newsletter: If you subscribe to our newsletter mailing list, we will ask you to provide your e-mail address. The desired newsletter will then be sent to this e-mail address regularly. We will refer you to the Terms of Use for the newsletter for more details on the use of the newsletter, including cancellation options and deletion of your personal details.

Special Services: Should you make use of any other special services that require a registration, we will collect, process and use your personal data as required in order to provide you with the particular service in question.

§ 3 Site Usage Data

When you visit our website, we will temporarily record the domain name or the IP address of the user’s computer, the client file requests (file name and URL), the http response code, the internet page from which you are visiting us as well as the date and time of your visit for a period of four (4) working days. The recording is merely carried out to detect malfunctions or a possible misuse of our online offerings and our telecommunication services/systems, and only insofar as it is necessary in order to establish further connections and/or for billing purposes. An evaluation of your usage data to create a personal user profile will not take place. In case of malfunction or misuse, we reserve the right to report this to the prosecuting authorities. Any further use or transmittal of your usage data to third parties will not occur.

§ 4 Use of Cookies

What are cookies? A cookie is a small text file that is transmitted by WWW servers when visiting a web page and is stored temporarily on the respective user's hard drive. If the according server is accessed again, the user’s browser sends the previously received cookie back to the server. The server is then able to evaluate the information attained during this procedure in a number of ways. Cookies help to control advertising messages and make it easier to navigate a web page.

How does cosnova implement cookies? The first time you visit a page on our website, a cookie is sent to the user’s browser and is then stored on the user’s hard drive. This cookie merely serves the purpose of identifying whether a user has visited our website before or not. The cookie does not contain any personal information and is only used to compile statistical information about a user’s single or repeated visits to respective pages.

If you do not wish to make use of the advantages of cookies, you can also use our website without cookies. Every www browser can be configured to reject cookies. In this case, we would like to call to your attention that the rejection of functional cookies might make use of the Catrice website more difficult as some functions may only be available when the use of functional cookies is permitted.

Google Analytics:  Some of the Catrice websites may are using Google Analytics, a web-analysis service provided by Google Inc. (“Google”). Google Analytics is using Cookies and might save the user’s IP-address in case plugins are started. The data generated by cookies about the user’s way of using the Catrice websites (including the IP-address) will be transferred to a Google server in the USA and stored there. Google will be using this information in order to compile data for Google about user’s internet usage and for generating reports about user’s activity on the Catrice websites and in order to render or optimize further services. Where required by law, Google will also make available this data to third parties or in case third parties are processing this data by order of Google. Google will also establish connections between user’s IP-address and other Google services. By accessing Catrice websites user agrees with the processing of the data that will be compiled about user in the described way and for the mentioned purposes. User may object at any time against the compilation and usage of data by Google. With regard to the registration of IP-addresses by Google Analytics cosnova informs that it is using this Google service with the “anonymizeIp()” extension. Based on this IP-addresses will be processed only in a shortened way in order to prevent the establishing of a direct link with a person.

§ 5 Data Correction and Withdrawal

If, for any reason, you fear that we may have saved your personal data inappropriately or would like your data to be deleted, you can contact our data protection commissioner via the contact form.

§ 6 Waiver of Liability for Websites provided by Partners

On our sites, we refer to several cooperation partners who themselves offer websites and web services. These partners generally have their own data protection statements. We shall not accept liability for these declarations as they are unrelated to cosnova. Please refer to the respective partners’ privacy policies for more information on their data protection practices.

§ 7 Data Security

cosnova is committed to the security of your personal data. In order to avoid unauthorized access or unauthorized disclosure and to warrant the accuracy and the correct use of the data, we have put the according technical and organizational procedures in place to secure and protect the data that we access online. Nevertheless, cosnova cannot assume responsibility for the disclosure of your data due to errors in data transmission and/or unauthorized access by third parties.

§ 8 Requests/Suggestions

Please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form should you have any requests or suggestions regarding data protection.

The [preceding] General Terms of Use and/or the conditions for subscribing to the Catrice newsletter also apply to the use of our internet presence.