Limited Edition "Blush Flush"

January 2018 - February 2018

Draping, which means contouring the face with different blush shades, is currently the most popular make-up trend on the international catwalks. The collections of internationally renowned designers are shining in a totally new light thanks to red and pink blush variations. With the CATRICE Limited Edition “Blush Flush”, the catwalk make-up is brought to a wearable level. Subtle colour gradients in multi-faceted blush tones as well as different textures allow individual blending techniques that naturally sculpt the face and provide highlights – the results are vibrant and edgy.

Blushing Mousse

Matte matters: the Blushing Mousse with a sponge applicator has a surprisingly soft mousse texture and a matte finish. The slim applicator allows an accurate application – ideal for Draping experts and those who wish to master this new beauty technique. The mousse can also be applied as a primer to intensify the results of powder textures. Available in three fresh colours.

Beauty Tip
The how-to of Draping is based on individual contouring and highlighting of the face. With the Blushing Mousse, the results are subtle as well as accurate. The applicator is reminiscent of a lipgloss – thanks to its slender shape, you can emphasise your most flattering features in a targeted manner.

Butter To Powder Blush

Butter To Powder Blush An innovative hybrid texture with a surprising effect: at first, the blush feels buttery and practically melts into the skin for easy application and blending. Then the formula transforms into a powdery, light finish. The intensive pigmentation offers especially fresh-looking results. With a choice of intensive pink, fresh peach and soft raspberry, the colour is up to you.

Beauty Tip
If you don’t have a brush close at hand, you can apply this innovative hybrid texture with your fingers. At first, the texture feels buttery and can be applied like a cream, using the fingertips to work it into the skin and blend it outwards.

Cushion Powder Cheeks

Practical for on the go: the creamy powder texture is located in the cap of the stick and has a sponge applicator for easy blending. Now there’s no need for an additional brush. Simply pull the powder stick out of your bag to apply and blend directly on the cheeks – or lips! There’s a choice of a natural, brownish rosé shade and a deep apricot.

Beauty Tip
Looking for a boost of colour on the go? The Cushion Powder Cheeks are particularly compact and practical. They are sturdy, can be stored quickly and are suitable for hand luggage – and thanks to the integrated sponge applicator, there’s no need for additional beauty tools. Now you can touch up your make-up quickly and easily.

Double Face Brush

This premium, double-ended face brush with synthetic bristles is a true all-rounder. The end with slightly wavy, black bristles is especially good for the smooth application of powder while the straight, light bristles perfectly blend creamy textures into the skin. Just one beauty tool for numerous options and maximum flexibility.

Beauty Tip
High-quality brushes with synthetic bristles are suitable for the application of liquid as well as cream and powder textures. The Double Face Brush is a true all-rounder because it can be used for make-up looks that combine different formulas. If you’re a fan of Draping, this multi-talent is the perfect tool for trying out everything the trend has to offer.

Fluid Glow

Multitalented: the Fluid Glow is a liquid Highlighter Blush that perfectly complements the Draping concept. Its lightly shimmering finish highlights the contours of the face and gives the complexion a natural glow. Thanks to the high-quality pipette applicator, it’s easy to achieve a perfect dosage. Depending on the desired intensity of the effect, the fluid can be applied as a base for powder formulas or worn solo.

Beauty Tip
If you want to highlight your most flattering features, it’s best to test the effect on smaller areas of the face first. Even a tiny amount of the Fluid Glow on the highest point of the brow arch or the bridge of the nose creates a radiant complexion.

Ombré Blush Palette

One ombré palette, endless options. The blush palette with soft powder textures unites various effects ranging from matte to shimmering. The gorgeous colour gradient allows individual application possibilities – from soft and natural to intensive blush effects – for a radiant, fresh look. The Ombré Blush Palette is available in two colour versions: warm orange and cooler pink, both with perfectly aligned colour families. Part of the team: a practical mirror!

Beauty Tip
To ensure that the Ombré Blush Palette highlights your natural colour type, it’s important to differentiate between cool and warm types. The Blurred Orange version with gentle earth tones is best suited to warm colour types, while the Vibrant Pink Palette is a better match for cool colour types. Choosing the right version lets you make the most of your complexion and looks!