Limited Edition "Dazzle Bomb"

December 2017 - January 2018

Glitter everywhere: sparkling highlights on the eyes, lips, nails or body are the must-have for the turn of the year. The CATRICE Limited Edition Dazzle Bomb brings trendy make-up techniques like strobing to the next level with strong, shimmering pigments to launch a new era of highlighting! Particles with a shimmer effect can be found throughout the product range and make the face and body shine. No matter whether liquid, pressed or loose powder, all textures are available. Multi-usage items such as the Eye & Lip Powder Palette allow you to create an entire look with just a few products. The trend doesn’t even stop at the eyebrows: thanks to sparkling accents, they are the focus of the make-up. Dazzle now or never!

Cosmic Body Sparkle Fluid

The liquid texture contains fine shimmer particles to conjure-up a radiant glow on the face and body. The pipette applicator allows an easy removal from the premium glass packaging and ensures a simple dosage. Apply the fluid underneath foundation for everyday wear.

Beauty Tip
Thanks to its liquid formula, the Cosmic Body Sparkle Fluid can be applied with the fingertips, a brush or a sponge. The effect varies depending on the application: a sponge offers a subtle effect as the sponge absorbs some of the product. Applied with a brush or the fingertips, the results are more intensive.

Dazzle Nail Lacquer

A holographic shimmer provides an extra-portion of glitter on the nails – apply solo or as a top coat. A light rosé shade as well as silver or bright purple, all with glittering particles, put the nails in the spotlight. No matter whether applied on its own or on top of colour nail polish, the Dazzle Nail Lacquer creates sparkling highlights on the nails.

Beauty Tip
Nail polish with glitter particles usually have such a good staying power that they can be difficult to remove. The Glitter Peel-Off Base & Top Coat: is here to help: applied underneath glitter nail polish, it allows stubborn nail polish to be peeled-off with ease when you wish to remove it. This way, sparkling effect polishes can be worn for an evening in the spotlight and then be removed again effortlessly the next day.


Suitable for use as eyeliner or as a topper for eye shadow: the liquid liner contains extremely fine glitter particles to create radiant accents on the eye. Thanks to the brush applicator, the liquid texture can be applied solo as eyeliner or on top of eye shadow for a particularly intensive, expressive make-up look.

Beauty Tip
As well as ensuring an extravagant eyeliner style, the Dazzliner can be used to create artistic make-up looks by combining fine lines and dots with the brush applicator. Similar to intricate henna tattoos, impressive patterns can be drawn on the skin as an absolute eye-catcher for special occasions. Thanks to the fine glitter particles, the look can be subtle or - with repeated application and thicker lines – extravagant.

Dazzling Lip Colour

The lipstick texture offers intensive colour with a sparkling finish. Thanks to the extremely creamy formula, the lipstick feels wonderfully pleasant on the lips. Available in five intensive shades, the Dazzling Lip Colour puts the focus on the lips: light lilac, dark plum, bright pink, deep red and extraordinary bronze are included in the Limited Edition.

Beauty Tip
If the lips are accentuated with “Sparkling Effects”, the rest of the make-up should be kept subtle to avoid an overloaded look. Smooth skin is always essential: use a primer underneath foundation to create a flawless complexion. Next, subtly emphasize the contours of the face with bronzer for a tanned-looking contrast. Natural brows and a coat of mascara complete the look.

Eye & Lip Powder Palette

The powder texture with various effects ranging from a light to an intensive shimmer can applied as eye shadow or lip powder. Different nuances from light champagne to soft rosé to rich aubergine create versatile eye make-up styles. The double-ended sponge applicator ensures an easy and accurate application.

Beauty Tip
Apply the lightest shade on the inner corners of the eyes and underneath the brow for natural highlights to visibly open the eyes. Next, use the lighter rosé on the inner part of the moveable lid and blend the darker rosé on the outer moveable lid. As a finishing touch, apply the dark aubergine in the crease of the lid with a blender brush for added depth.

Glitter Peel-Off Base & Top Coat

Anyone who has ever worn glitter nail polish is sure to have experienced this issue: as soon as you want to remove the polish, it turns out to be a persistent companion. Simply peel stubborn nail polish off like a foil? Not a problem with the Glitter Peel-Off Base & Top Coat! Can also be used as a top coat to protect and smoothen the glitter nail polish applied underneath.

Beauty Tip
Nail polish remover can worsen the condition of already damaged nails, especially if it contains acetone. The Glitter Peel-Off Base & Top Coat offers a gentle alternative: applied underneath hard-to-remove polishes, it makes them easy to peel off when they are no longer desired. This way, the nails and cuticles are spared from damaging nail polish remover and the polish can be peeled off in a flash!

Holographic Blushing Papers

Thanks to the soft blush texture with a holographic effect, the Holographic Blushing Papers ensure a fresh complexion. The delicate paper sheets apply the blush on the skin with just one swipe without the need for any other beauty tools, so they’re ideal for on-the-go!

Beauty Tip
For a more extravagant make-up look, use the Holographic Blushing Papers to set targeted accents. In addition to the face, the texture with a holographic finish can be applied on the collarbone and décolleté as an exciting eye-catcher.

Loose Dazzle Dust

The loose, fine glitter creates sparkling highlights on the face, body and nails. Simply sprinkle on top of still moist nail polish, leave to dry and then seal with a top coat. Alternatively, the glitter can also be dabbed directly on the desired areas of the face and body or mixed with body lotion.

Beauty Tip
Besides the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose and the cupid’s bow of the lips, the collarbone and décolleté are also ideal for radiant highlights on the body. In addition, applying the fine glitter on moist nail polish and then sealing it with a top coat creates a beautiful all-over glitter look.