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Finally free: We are saying goodbye to microplastic particles!

Since March 2023, all of our products have been free of microplastic particles! The claim can be found on all products that do not contain solid plastic particles.

Liquid plastic under a microscope

Liquid plastic under a microscope

What exactly is liquid plastic?

Microplastic particles are solid plastic particles, but we keep hearing about so-called "liquid plastic". This often refers to liquid synthetic polymers. However, they are not the same as microplastics and are not necessarily as harmful to the environment. Synthetic polymers can be very different in nature. Some are totally or partially biodegradable, while others are 100% not biodegradable. In cosmetics products, synthetic polymers are mostly found as film formers, which in many cases improve product performance. But they can also have negative effects on the environment - this is where our raw materials specialists come in! Because microplastic particle-free cosmetics were only the first step. Next step: ensure the biodegradability of our products. With the goal of creating a clean future – for you and our environment.

catrice microplastic liquid plastic


But we also want to get even more involved in protecting the oceans and reducing plastic waste beyond that. We are proud to support the WWF as a sponsor.



Together against the flood of plastic.

According to WWF, up to 12 million tonnes of plastic waste enters the ocean every year and threatens marine life. Especially in several Asian countries where there is no regulated and reliable waste management system, the situation is devastating for people and nature. We are therefore a sponsor of various WWF plastic waste prevention projects in Vietnam and Thailand.

catrice microplastics wwf collaboration

The WWF Projects

The WWF Projects

More education - less waste

The aim of the projects is to create local incentives for functioning and sustainable systems for the collection, recycling and disposal of waste. Together with representatives of local environmental authorities, companies and private individuals, the WWF implements targeted measures and information campaigns that lead to a significant reduction of single-use plastic waste and a suitable waste separation.

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Catrice Microplastics WWF Waste Removal Vietnam
Catrice Microplastics WWF Plastic on the Beach Vietnam

Any questions?

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