Be Worry-Free

Say goodbye to those worry lines: Our products are environmentally & animal-friendly

CATRICE Sustainability and Social Responsibility Be Worry-Free Stage

For the sake of the environment and you

From raw material cultivation to production to disposal: We ensure that our products are environmentally sustainable and harmless to your health. All you have to do is choose the make-up that you like.

Goodbye microplastics

Hardly visible yet so harmful to the environment: Microplastics are found in many products – including cosmetics. We are putting a stop to this!

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No to animal testing*


We all want to experiment with looks, but not with animals. For the production of our cosmetics products, animal testing is neither* carried out nor commissioned. This applies to both the end products and all of the ingredients. We obtain written confirmation from our suppliers that their products are also produced without any testing on animals. That’s why we’re also listed by PETA!

*in accordance with EU law

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Palm oil, but fair!

Because of the high demand for palm oil around the world, rainforests are eradicated to create plantations. Valuable CO2 storage is lost and many animals die. But a study by WWF shows that other oils would put an even greater burden on the environment.

We therefore support a more environmentally-compatible palm oil cultivation in order to protect the environment and the habitats of the animals. We are a member of RSPO, an organisation that sets minimum standards for the production of palm oil in order to limit the environmental impact.

CATRICE Sustainability and Social Responsibility Be Worry-Fee Palm Oil Video

Our products can be relied upon

We are proud of the quality of our CATRICE products. These meet even higher standards than the legally established EU standards stipulate. We don’t just say this, we also make sure that it happens throughout the entire manufacturing process and even afterwards. Because your trust means everything to us.

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