We care about the earth

That’s why our products are environmentally friendly and socially responsible. Read more about our mission here.

People & Planet Friendly

Free from Worry. Full of Beauty.

You have peace of mind: Our products are safe for your skin and the environment.

CATRICE People & Planet Friendly

We all want to experiment with looks, not with animals.

We want to break new ground, create new colours. But we prefer to stay on the safe side with our ingredients.

Be Worry-Free

Good for people and nature

Is this make-up made in an environmentally friendly manner? And also otherwise ethically correct? We've been thinking about it so that you don't have to.

CATRICE Sustainability & Initiatives Be Worry-Free

We want shelves full of cosmetics and oceans full of fish.

Who needs animal-based ingredients to look amazing?

Plastics For Change

Natural beauty instead of plastic

With the purchase of make-up products from the Limited Edition "TANsation" by the sister brands CATRICE and essence, you contribute to the recycling of plastic waste and thus to environmental protection.

CATRICE Sustainability & Initiatives Plastics For Change

We believe that make-up should make you happy.

And we’re only happy if we don’t harm anything or anybody. We work on this every day.


We love make-up. Why? The unique people in our team would like to tell you this themselves.

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