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Contact us here:

Do you have any questions for our Customer Service team? Feel free to contact us via our contact form .


We have compiled some Frequently Asked Questions for you on this page. You might find the correct answer to your question here:

How do I contact your Customer Service?

Feel free to contact us via our contact form .

How can I place an order?

Unfortunately our delivery area is currently limited to Germany only. Feel free to visit your local CATRICE online store via our country selector to find the online trade partner that delivers your favourite products to your country.

Where can I buy CATRICE products besides the online store?

For a complete list of retail partners near you, please visit the storefinder on our website:

Does CATRICE offer vegan products?

100% of CATRICE products are made exclusively from vegan ingredients from now on. As we transition our range, you can check on the product detail page on our website or directly on the product to see if your product is made entirely of vegan ingredients.

Does CATRICE conduct any testing on animals?

No, in keeping with EU legislation, we have been cruelty-free since we were founded.