That’s a promise: CATRICE always has been and always will be cruelty-free.

CATRICE cruelty free no animal testing

End the suffering: Beauty meets responsibility

Change the world with every (brush) stroke.

Tormenting animals is a foreign concept to us and our beauty range will never contribute to it: We only have animal-free testing methods. Because: We want to experiment with looks, not animals. All of our products are made under the safest conditions for humans and animals. They are absolutely top-quality and vegan. Our suppliers provide us with written confirmation that they also produce our products free of animal testing in accordance with EU law. That’s why we’re also listed with PETA!

CATRICE cruelty-free beauty meets responsibility

Vegan and cruelty-free – with confidence!

What is the difference between vegan and cruelty-free? Let us clarify.

We often encounter the wildest terms in the word jungle of animal-friendly cosmetics. Among them: cruelty-free and vegan. Cruelty-free refers to cosmetics in which neither the products nor the ingredients are subjected to animal testing. At CATRICE, we have always refrained from animal testing and have never commissioned any. Our products are cruelty-free and now also 100% vegan. All CATRICE beauty products are purely plant-based or synthetic and therefore do not contain any animal ingredients. You can express your beauty with ease and a good conscience.

CATRICE vegan and cruelty free

You Veg-ASK, we Veg-ANSWER

As a fair manufacturer of cruelty-free cosmetics, we are convinced that no animal should suffer for beauty – totally in the spirit of the EU animal testing ban. Cruelty-free in line with EU legislation and vegan are part of our philosophy: That’s why we are on the official list of PETA Deutschland e.V. for cruelty-free cosmetics. The majority of our products are now completely vegan due to the conversion of our range. The rest will follow with the next update. During this transition period, some products may still be on the market with formulas that are not yet completely vegan. You can always check the product detail pages on our website to see which products contain all vegan ingredients. But no worries: They will always be gorgeous, high-quality and affordable. Yay!

Any questions? Then scroll down. We have compiled the most important questions and answers about animal testing so you can continue to enjoy our beauty products without worrying.

1. What does the law say about “animal testing”?

Since 2004, no cosmetics product that has been tested on animals may be sold in Germany and throughout the European Union. Good to know: By the way, the German cosmetics industry has voluntarily refrained from this since 1989. And since 2009, products with ingredients that have been tested on animals especially for cosmetics are also forbidden. A transitional period ended in 2013. This means that by law, any cosmetics product in Germany is free of animal testing.

However, it is also important to know that the so-called REACH regulation came into force in 2009 (registration, evaluation & authorisation of chemicals). This regulation covers chemical policy requirements, which state that all ingredients must be proven to be safe – no matter whether they are well-known or brand new, synthetic or natural. In this case, “safe” means that the ingredients in the finished product will not lead to any negative health effects upon application. Nowadays, the cosmetics industry implements alternative testing methods instead of testing on animals. Alternative methods include laboratory tests that are performed in vitro. These can be vegan or non-vegan. By the way, "in vitro" is Latin and means "within the glass".

If you would like to read more, you can do so here: https://www.cosmeticseurope.eu/

2. What is CATRICE's position on animal testing?

CATRICE never has and never will conduct animal testing, in line with EU legislation. We do not employ suppliers or partners who do this, not in Germany nor anywhere else in the world.

Our contracts with our suppliers require them to produce in accordance with EU law - which means that animal testing is not permitted under any circumstances. We are convinced that we can make beauty products without animals having to suffer. We live and breathe no-animal-testing with deep conviction - because beauty can be done differently.

3. Does CATRICE test raw materials on animals?

First things first: No! CATRICE has not had any ingredients tested on animals since it was founded - and it's going to stay that way. By the way, animal testing for cosmetic ingredients has been banned in Europe since 2009. Nevertheless, our products are produced in top quality. No animal has to suffer for this. After all, beauty is not a one-way street.

4. Is it true that CATRICE still conducts animal testing or has conducted it in the past for some products?

Nope, that's not true. We have been against animal testing from the beginning – even before the EU animal testing ban. In accordance with EU law, we remain opposed to animal testing and will never use it for our cosmetics.

5. Is a product that has never been tested on animals still safe?

Good question, but don’t worry: In Europe, there are certain regulations that every cosmetics company must comply with when manufacturing products. We also have highly trained experts who confirm the safety of our products. In addition to the chemical regulations that require proof of safety for all ingredients, there is also the Cosmetics Act, which states that products may only be introduced on the market if they are safe for users.

6. Can CATRICE even introduce innovative products without animal testing?

Cruelty-free cosmetics do not exclude innovation. That’s why we always promise and bring you the hottest products! Together with the entire cosmetics industry, we are constantly working on alternative testing methods to ensure that your raw materials are truly harmless.

7 . Even though testing on animals for cosmetics purposes is forbidden in the EU, I’ve heard that new ingredients must be tested on animals. Is this true?

The ban on animal testing applies to end products as well as to the raw materials used in cosmetics. As the safety of all ingredients has to be ensured in accordance with the chemical policy regulations, the cosmetics industry uses alternative testing methods instead of animal tests. If these alternative methods fail to prove that a substance is safe, it’s use will be prohibited.

Nevertheless, many raw materials are used in the pharmaceutical industry for medication. Due to their health significance for humans, other regulations apply here. This means: Sometimes animal testing is conducted for certain medication. Although these tests are not performed for the cosmetic industry, they unfortunately also affect ingredients that may later be used in cosmetics.

8. Does CATRICE test new ingredients on animals?

No, we don’t. According to EU directives, this has been prohibited since 2009. At CATRICE, we always have and always will refrain from any kind of animal testing for all of our products in accordance with EU law. Love for beauty, love for animals!

9. Does cosnova still search for new ingredients?

Our innovation and sustainability team are constantly looking for new ingredients that are safe for people and the environment. To do this, they scan all the new substances on the market that we can safely use for CATRICE cosmetics.