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CATRICE People and Planet Friendly

Free from Worry. Full of Beauty.

You have peace of mind: Our products are safe for your skin and the environment.


With the Spring/Summer 2023 update, all CATRICE products are made from 100% purely vegan ingredients. This means: Our cosmetics do not contain any substances of animal origin. Bringing you vegan beauty – now and forever!

CATRICE People and Planet Friendly Vegan Ingredients

With Love For People & Planet

We care about your beauty as much as our planet.

We love make-up and are doing everything we can so that you can experiment with trends and looks. In doing so, we value fair prices and professional quality. We have redefined these:

Our make-up has to be able to do a lot, and be safe for the environment and our health – and be as vegan as possible. We pay attention to maximum sustainability in the selection of raw materials, production and packaging and are committed to the Clean Beauty trend. Our products should always be top-quality. For us and our world.

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Clean Beauty. Let's Talk About It.

10 questions and our answers.

CATRICE People & Planet Friendly Clean Beauty
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Goodbye Microplastic Particles!

Maximum quality instead of microplastics.

Microplastics are found in many products – including cosmetics – and the microscopically small particles are a burden to nature, humans and animals. Now we're putting a stop to it.

In future, all our products will be #MICROPLASTICPARTICLEFREE. And along the way, you will find this claim on all products that are already free of solid plastic particles.

CATRICE People & Planet Friendly Microplastics
CATRICE People & Planet Friendly Free Of? Full on!

We say no to animal testing*

That’s a promise: CATRICE always has been and always will be cruelty-free.

We all want to experiment with looks, but not with animals. Animal testing is neither* carried out nor commissioned for the production of our cosmetics products. This applies to both the end products and all of the ingredients.

Our suppliers provide us with written confirmation that their products are also produced without animal testing*. That’s why we’re also listed with PETA!

*in accordance with EU law

CATRICE People & Planet Friendly No Animal Testing

To find out if a product contains raw materials of animal origin we have a list of animal ingredients that are often used in cosmetics:

  • beeswax or propolis

  • carmine

  • lanolin

  • silk

  • milk-derived proteins

  • collagen (animal protein)

  • keratin

  • hyaluronic acid (animal hyaluronic acid)

At CATRICE, it’s easy to recognise what’s vegan: all vegan products have a symbol with two leaves – on the product packaging, on the shelves and in our online shop. You will see a list of all ingredients under "Ingredients and warnings", so that you know exactly what is going on your beautiful skin.

By the way: CATRICE is PETA approved! We’re on PETA’s list for vegan make-up. So you can use our products with a clear conscience, try them out and enjoy the colours. Always at a fair price and of excellent quality.

Quality You Can Trust.

We want to be better than the standard for you.

We are proud of the quality of our CATRICE products. These meet even higher criteria than required by the legally stipulated EU standards.

We don’t just say this, we also ensure that it happens throughout the entire manufacturing process and even afterwards. Because your trust means everything to us.

CATRICE People & Planet Friendly Quality