Clean Beauty

What does “Clean Beauty” mean to CATRICE?

CATRICE Clean Beauty Question 3

There is no universal definition of Clean Beauty in the cosmetics industry. So each brand defines its own standards and every country also has different requirements.

“Our definition of Clean Beauty is strict. We want to make a real difference, not empty promises.”

Laureen Bedrunka
Brand Manager CATRICE

All products with our Clean Beauty label...

  • contain completely harmless ingredients (among other things, we forego PEGs, parabens, volatile silicones, microplastic particles and certain dyes).

  • avoid animal components as much as possible.

  • have a high proportion of natural substances, as few ingredients as possible in total and support the sustainable cultivation of palm oil and its derivatives (if palm oil is included).

And what is Clean Beauty Plus all about?

We are even stricter with our Clean Beauty PLUS products, such as the Clean ID collection.

Products that meet our Clean Beauty Plus standard...

  • are 100% vegan.

  • contain at least 75% natural ingredients.

  • have an even shorter list of ingredients.

  • in addition to the substances on the Clean Beauty prohibited list, we also do not use silicones of any kind, mineral oil or mineral oil-based substances, raw materials of exotic origin, fragrances subject to declaration, acrylate polymers and other non-degradable polymers.

68% feel uncomfortable with cosmetics products that contain ingredients such as silicones, microplastics or parabens
Representative online survey by Ipsos on behalf of CATRICE, 500 women aged 16 - 45 years old in Germany.