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Where are CATRICE products manufactured?

Catrice Clean Beauty Question 9

Like other cosmetics companies, we develop our innovative products at our headquarters in Germany. We then organise the production of these items with suppliers in different regions of the world. About 90% of our production takes place in Europe.

“Complying with social and environmental standards is an important part of the agreements with our international business partners. We verify this at regular intervals”.

Maximilian Peters
Senior Manager Corporate Responsibility

100% compensation for the palm oil used

Excessive and uncontrolled cultivation of palm oil plants threatens the eco-system in rainforest areas. We fully offset the quantities of palm oil, palm kernel oil and their derivatives that we use, thus promoting sustainable cultivation.

100% free of microplastic particles by 2025

Microplastic particles are tiny plastic particles that enter the oceans through the water cycle and pollute the environment. We are constantly researching natural, biological alternatives and have been developing all of our new product innovations completely without microplastic particles since January 2020.

100% free of volatile silicones by 2025

Silicones are synthetic polymers produced from sand and used in cosmetics products for many different purposes. The spectrum of silicones is very broad, as is their health and environmental relevance. Volatile silicones have a noticeable environmental impact, which is why we are completely removing them from our products by 2025.