How sustainable is the CATRICE packaging?

CATRICE Clean Beauty Question 6

We design our product packaging – especially from the Clean Beauty and Clean Beauty PLUS collections – as sustainably as currently possible. For example, we only put as little new plastic in the packaging as necessary and as much recycled material as possible. There are types of plastic where recyclates are not yet available in the purity and safety we need for cosmetic products. But we have already achieved a first success with the very popular Glam & Doll Mascara:

Four versions of the CATRICE GLAM & DOLL MASCARA will be available with outer packaging made from 80% recycled materials as of autumn 2020 – purity and safety are of course absolutely guaranteed here. The remaining 20% are deliberately made of new plastic, since the recycled plastic needed for this is not yet available in the required purity for product contact.

“We only put as much new plastic in the packaging as necessary to ensure purity and product safety.”

Daniela Soukup
Senior Manager Corporate Responsibility

In addition, we support the Plastics For Change organisation with its projects in India and have jointly established two collection centres for plastic waste there: The aim of the collaboration is to bring carelessly disposed of plastic into circulation as a valuable recyclate while creating a sustainable livelihood for Indian workers. This way, we help to prevent discarded plastic from entering the world’s oceans, and support its reuse in a place where there are currently no sorting facilities or collection and return systems.

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