Corporate Responsibility

What does Corporate Responsibility mean to cosnova (and the CATRICE brand)?

CATRICE Clean Beauty Question 10

At cosnova, we have set ambitious goals to make a positive contribution to the protection of our planet and its inhabitants. We want to make the world a little bit better every day across four levels with sustainable products and social commitment.

Harmlessness of our products

Our products shouldn’t have negative consequences for anyone. That is why we are developing our products in a more sustainable way with regard to health, environmental and social aspects. Ever since our company was founded in 2001, we have always said 'no' to animal testing*. We are also converting our complete range to be free of microplastic particles.
*in accordance with EU law

Working conditions at our business partners

We don’t have our own factories – so we make sure to take a close look at our business partners. Our code of conduct requires each supplier to comply with fair working conditions and environmental standards and is a prerequisite for any collaboration. We check the compliance with these standards at regular intervals through independent third parties.

Zero Waste

In order to transport our products to you as safely and sustainably as possible, we have set ourselves the target to use 30% less packaging material by 2025, to design up to 75% of our packaging to be recyclable and to produce at least 50% of our packaging from recycled material.

Social Initiatives

Our responsibility does not end with our products. Social commitment is deeply rooted in the company. Because we want to have a positive influence on the lives of as many people as possible: in our company, our region and along our supply chain.